Keeping it local with Owens Coffee

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We like to keep it local, it makes sense on so many levels. We are supporting local employers and in turn their local workforce, reducing air miles and bringing you great local products. Here’s the first in a series of features on our local suppliers.

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Our coffee gets lots of compliments and it’s local. Award-winning Owens Coffee are artisan Devon coffee roasters and organic coffee suppliers and their roastery is based in Ivybridge, South Devon.

Owens Coffee has won Great Taste Awards, a Best Organic Coffee Award from the Soil Association as well as numerous other accolades, in fact, their tasty brew has won awards ever since they started roasting back in 2010.

Not only is their coffee delicious, but it’s also organic, 100% Fairtrade, and kind to the environment. At the heart of Owen’s operation is a roaster that has reinvented how coffee is roasted. A traditional roaster generates smoke that stays within the chamber, affecting the flavour of the beans, or requiring an additional external afterburner to eliminate the smoke, using significantly more energy. Owen’s special Loring roaster uses a single burner to both roast the beans and to incinerate the smoke, achieving a ‘clean’ smoke-free roast. This keeps the flavour of the coffee pure, means no smoke is extracted into the environment and saves up to 80% energy in the process.

Owens Coffee are always striving to minimise their impact on the earth and their Ivybridge roastery, built-in 2018, was custom-designed to be as energy-efficient and low impact as possible. They have also recently developed coffee pouches that are 100% recyclable. We love their coffee and their ethics.

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