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When the best local fresh food is right on your doorstep, why go further afield? That’s what it says on the Tamar Fresh website – and we couldn’t agree more! Keeping it local has long been our goal and that’s why we buy our fresh fruit and veg from this family-run local supplier.

Tamar Fresh was started by Francis Barrett in 1988. He learnt the trade working for a fruit and vegetable wholesalers before he had the opportunity to have his own shop and Tamar Fresh was born. The business went from strength to strength, growing and expanding and is today run by Francis’ sons – David, Nigel and Ian.

Tamar Fresh handpicks local fresh food suppliers to make sure they work with the best. Local food producers come from the rich, wooded Tamar Valley, lush South Hams and wilds of Dartmoor – all traditional heartlands known for producing top-quality foods. Over the years the company has built up a relationship with local fresh food suppliers so know exactly where the food comes from, ensuring that what we buy from Tamar Fresh is top quality.

One of the most important things about buying local is supporting local employers and providing jobs for local people. Many of the Tamar Fresh staff have been with the company since the very beginning. Not only do they feel like part of the family, but it also means they have a vast knowledge of local fresh food products.

Tamar Fresh source everything as locally as possible. The hard-working local growers are the company’s bread and butter and they are paid what their quality produce is worth, rather than just a minimum price. This helps give back to the community by enabling suppliers to re-invest and keep their businesses sustainable. This in turn benefits customers like us, by ensuring a regular supply of excellent local produce.

Buying locally also reduces our food miles and carbon footprint. Tamar Fresh has invested in a new fleet of larger, refrigerated vehicles – meaning they visit sites less frequently and deliver more in one go, which is more fuel-efficient. Besides, why go further afield, when there’s first-class produce right on our doorstep?

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